Whatsapp Tips And Tricks Every Person Should Know

Whatsapp Tips And Tricks Every Person Should Know

‍  In this day and age, social media is one of the primary ways people stay connected with their friends, family, and loved ones. There are many different social media apps that serve this purpose, but one of the most popular is WhatsApp. This messaging app allows users to connect with others by sharing photos, videos, and texts. It’s a simple app that can be used to quickly send messages to your friends or family members. If you’re new to using WhatsApp or would like some tips on how to get more out of it, we have you covered! In this article, you will learn some useful tips and tricks for using WhatsApp so that you can get the most out of it. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert user, you’ll find something useful in this article.

Switch to Dark Mode

If you spend a lot of time on your phone and find that it’s hard to sleep with the bright screen of your device, you might want to try using WhatsApp’s Dark Mode. Dark Mode is a feature that can be turned on in WhatsApp’s settings. This setting will change the background of the app and the text that appears in the app so that it’s much darker. This will make it easier to use the app in a dark room without being distracted by the brightness. If you often find yourself trying to respond to messages at night or in a dark room, Dark Mode is a great feature for you. It’s a simple setting that can make a big difference.

Use the Voice Shortcut

Are there times when you would find it useful to be able to record a voice message? Although WhatsApp does have the ability to send voice messages, it does not have a voice shortcut. If you’re looking for a shortcut to record a voice message on WhatsApp, you’ll want to use the Voice Shortcut. This feature allows you to record a voice message by holding down on the compose button on WhatsApp. This shortcut can be turned on or off at any time, so you can decide when you’d like to be able to record a voice message. This is a great feature if you’d like to record a voice message but don’t have time to type it out.

Turn on Notification Brightness

One thing that can really make a difference in how easy it is to use an app is the brightness of the notification. If you find that you often miss notifications or don’t realize they’ve come through, you may want to turn the brightness on your notification setting. You can find this setting by going to WhatsApp’s settings and tapping “Notifications.” In this section, you can choose what level of brightness you want your notifications to be. You can choose to have a low, medium, or high brightness for your notifications. This will make it easier to see the notifications on your phone when WhatsApp has a new message.

Set a Timer When Writing Messages

If you’re the type of person who often writes out a long message, you may want to set a timer to help you keep your message short and sweet. While writing a long message to your loved one, you may find yourself adding in extra details, details that may not be important. If you set a timer, you can add a bit of a challenge to yourself, helping you keep your message concise. You can set a timer by going to WhatsApp’s settings and tapping “Write Message.” From here, you can set a timer so that your message will automatically be sent after a certain amount of time.We all know the dangers of spending too much time on our smartphones. Not only does it take up a lot of our time, it can also have a significant impact on our mental health if we don’t manage it properly. If you find that you are constantly checking your Whatsapp account or replying to messages in a frequent and desperate manner, you might want to consider setting up a timer. There are various reasons why someone might check their phone frequently and respond to messages as soon as they pop up. Maybe that person is bored, lonely, anxious, or even unhappy with something in their life. Constant checking of your phone can be an indicator that something isn’t quite right. It could signal that there is some type of personal issue going on in your life, or simply an unhealthy habit that needs to be broken sooner rather than later.

Mark Messages as Read

If you have a few messages on WhatsApp that you’re not ready to reply to, you can mark them as read. This will allow you to move on and focus on other messages that are more important. If you find that there are certain messages you’d like to mark as important, you can do that as well. If you’re looking for a way to organize your messages, this is a helpful feature. You can mark messages as read or important by going to the message section and tapping on the message you’d like to mark. From here, you can mark it as read or important.

Save Chats

If there are certain messages you want to keep on your phone, you can save them to your phone. This will allow you to access them whenever you’d like without needing to login to WhatsApp. This is a great way to keep important messages saved on your phone so that you can reread them at any time. To save a message or video to your phone, you can tap and hold on the message or video. From here, you can select “Save” and choose which folder you’d like to save it to. You can also use this shortcut to share a message or video with other people.

Share Your Location

If you’re meeting up with a friend, family member, or significant other, you may want to share your location with them. If you want to quickly share your location with someone, you can do that with a shortcut. You can set a shortcut for sharing your location so that it’s easy to do whenever you’d like. You can set this up by going to WhatsApp’s settings and tapping “Shortcuts.” From here, you can tap “Location” and set a shortcut so that you can easily share your location whenever you’d like. This is a great way to stay connected with loved ones or friends.You can now share your location on WhatsApp in just three simple steps. This new feature enables you to share your location with friends and family members directly from the app, making it easier than ever to meet up. The update also includes a new Location Privacy option, which helps you manage your privacy settings. With this new feature, you can control who can see your location and when they can see it. It is important to remember that this new feature only allows users to share their location for a limited period of time – for example, for an hour or until the end of the day. Sharing your permanent location is not possible with this feature and needs to be done using another method. This article will explain how to share your location on WhatsApp in three easy steps, as well as everything you need to know about Location Privacy.


Now that you’ve read this article, you know how to use WhatsApp to its full potential. WhatsApp is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones, and these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of the app. From changing the app’s theme to recording voice messages, there are many different ways you can use WhatsApp more efficiently.  


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