University of Lahore UOL latest admission main campus has offered admission 2022 this year. UOL is renowned for its quality and professionalism in Physicians, MBBS, BDS, Computer Science, BSCS, MSCS, Business BBA, MBA, and many more. The University of Lahore gives them a foundation for escape, educates them in good laboratories, qualified teachers, and clean and pure development. More and more students each year want to pursue their dreams with lofty goals and objectives.

In this article student can get details about admission last date, test date, result date, fee structure, merit list and online admission submission process? MBBS/BDS admission, UCMD admission dates, qualifications and requirements, graduate and masters program details.

UOL Latest Admission Apply Online Now

The University of Lahore offers a comfortable way for students to enroll. The UOL Lahore campus offered undergraduate admission for BDS, DPT, BBA, BS, BCS, MBA, MSCS, MA, MSc, MPhil and postgraduate doctorate. Students can apply for spring admission online 2022 or by visiting the university’s admissions department 2022t. The University of Lahore offers students a platform for escape, training them with well-equipped laboratories, qualified faculty and neat and clean infrastructure.

UOL Admission

Students can find information about the application procedure for admission, the latest important UOL admission dates, entrance test dates, merit lists, Lahore University scholarships, UOL SIS authentication details and also jobs. There are several engineering and medical programs in which students can enroll.

UOL Admission last date to apply 2022

The University of Lahore offers admission twice a year, and students can apply for admission online to submit their application form before the admission deadline.

UOL 2022 admission last date to apply online

Submission of the online form     September 10Entrance test / Interview              September 11Merit list                                        September 13

UOL university 0f Lahore latest Admission Advertisement 2022

The University of Lahore has launched a public awareness campaign through social media and the print media. Taking into account the Last Date and the eligibility criteria, applicants must submit the required documents before the deadline.

UOL fee structure 2022

Various programs have a distinct range of fee structures for MBBS, BBA, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharma-D) and LLB at the University of Lahore. Applicants wishing to apply for medicine must pay a total tuition fee of almost 0.8 million rupees. The fully updated guide to UOL fees for 2022 is provided here.

Applicants wishing to apply for simple study programs must pay almost 13,000 rupees per course, and the bachelor’s program has 41 courses to study

UOL BBA fee structure

Tuition fee / semester:89,000
Registration fee (Payable once):0,000
Total fee1,009,000

MBA fee structure (1.5 years)

Tuition fee / semester:76,300
Registration fee (Payable once):20,000
Total fee251,000

MBBS / BDS 2022 fee structure

Annual tuition fee:692,000
University fees:159,000
High total (including taxes)893,550

University of Lahore latest Admission procedure 2022

Applicants who apply must take an entrance test and an interview after registering online or manually. The dates of the entrance exam are announced by the university and can also take separate exams for students. Each undergraduate, graduate or graduate program has different procedures for participants who wish to apply.

How to Submit UOL Online latest Admission Form 2022?

Candidates who have taken the intermediate or A level examination and wish to take admission to a program and are awaiting their results will be able to apply for admission to the UOL Lahore campus. But they will only be admitted after they have submitted certified copies of their certificates / diplomas within three weeks of the beginning of the semester. Candidates will also be required to make a commitment that they understand the rules / policy regarding the admission of UOL 2022 and that if they do not submit the necessary documents within the set deadline, they will not be granted admission. Hope the certificate will be accepted as well.

UOL Lahore 2022 entrance test

Admission to the University of Lahore offered on merit. To qualify as a student at the University of Lahore, it is necessary for the participant to take their own university entrance test and obtain a minimum percentage of 50%. In addition, candidates should have a transcript of 60% marks at their A levels and 45% marks at the intermediate level to be considered. If students are waiting for their results, it is mandatory to provide the admissions department with a certificate of hope from the respected institutions. If he is a private candidate, the student can provide a statement on his own responsibility.

Merit list UOL 2022

Two merit lists with different time intervals are published and are made according to the grades obtained at NAT and the last degree graduated. The dates for publishing the list of merits for the spring of 2022 have not yet been announced by the university.

UOL Lahore Eligibility Criteria 2022

Each study program has different eligibility criteria. Below are the major grades to which students typically apply. HSSC or equivalent must be considered upon request.

Electrical and other engineering

First, for BSc Electric, 60% marks are required at the Matrix or O levels and the pre-engineering exam known as HSSC. Applicants also considered on a NAT basis. Those who took the NAT-IE exam can apply. The selection is also made on the basis of admission tests. For this test, the participant must take at least 50% marks. SAT I and SAT II test scores also taken into account. Candidates who have obtained 1550 in SAT I or 550 in SAT II are eligible to apply. An HEC-based engineering test for students must also be taken and a minimum grade of 50% should obtained.

BS computer science, Mathematics and Accounting 2022

SAT I and SAT II test scores also taken into account. Candidates who have obtained 1500 in SAT I or 550 in SAT II are eligible to apply. 60% marks the Enrollment for BSc Computer Science or an equivalent exam and passed the HSSC exam with an equal percentage. Although here it is mandatory for the HSSC to have completed mathematics. Participants who appeared in NTS-NAT (NAT-IE or NAT-ICS) and passed can apply for BSc in computer science. The selection also made on the basis of admission tests. For this test, the participant must take at least 50% grades and 40% at the intermediary.

BBA / BS (Accounting and Finance) Mathematics

60% marks required at the Matrix or O levels and the pre-engineering exam known as HSSC. Students who have taken the NAT-IE, NAT-ICS, and NAT-IM, NAT-IGS or NAT-ICOM exam may also apply for a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. As you know, it is one of the famous institutes of business studies, so you can also consider reading for more details about LUMS. Although it requires 70% marks in NTS exams and 40% marks in intermediate. The selection also made based on the admission test NO. For this test, the participant must take at least 50% marks. SAT I and SAT II test scores also taken into account. Candidates who have obtained 1550 in SAT I or 550 in SAT II are eligible to apply.

Admission requirements to UBS MBBS and BDS 2022

MCAT must taken for participants who wish to apply to these study programs. The exam must obtain at least 50% marks, and then the candidates must also pass the entrance test.

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Requirements for graduation programs 2022

A different set of eligibility criteria if set for different graduate or postgraduate programs. Unfortunately, not all criteria can mentioned in this article. If details required for the selection and eligibility criteria for postgraduate programs.

UOL Scholarships 2022

UOL offered 2022 scholarships from the University of Lahore and financial aid that offered after NAT when merit lists to be published. There are three types of scholarships: an external scholarship, an internal scholarship and other scholarships. For more details visit

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