HEC LAW GAT Answer key has been uploaded on this website. Keep visiting this page to check the HEC LAW GAT Result, answer key, merit list and final list. July 3, 2022 ETC HEC LAW GAT Result Check online by CNIC and name for BLUE, GREEN, PINK, WHITE, and YELLOW answer keys. Choose the colour of your book to get the answer key for the HEC Law GAT. The candidate’s Ticket or CNIC can be used to check the results (with dashes). The final result of the Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law GAT) that was given on July 3, 2022, will be known soon. Today, the answer keys for the Law GAT will be made public. Please come back to find out what HEC has to say. Registration ended June 15, 2022.


On July 3, law school graduates took a test given by the Higher Education Commission. If you want to go to law school in 2022, you can take the HEC LAW GAT test if you have a law degree. Before they can join a Bar council in Pakistan, all law school graduates must take the HEC Graduate Assessment Test. A person can become a lawyer in Pakistan if they get a 50% on the LAW GAT Result 2022.


ETC HEC Law GAT Answer keys 2022 PDF Download

ANSWER KEYS OF TEST HELD ON 3rd July, 2022 has been issued.

Answer Keys-LAW GAT-20022022-BlueDownload Here
Answer Keys-LAW GAT-20022022-GreenDownload Here
Answer Keys-LAW GAT-20022022-PinkDownload Here
Answer Keys-LAW GAT-20022022-WhiteDownload Here
Answer Keys-LAW GAT-20022022-YellowDownload Here

ETC HEC LAW GAT Result 2022 Check Online

The Pakistan Bar Council said that anyone who got a score of 40% or higher on the HEC LAW GAT Result 2022 should be considered to have passed the HEC LAW GAT Entry Test 2022. Also, they asked for a 45 percent one-time cut so that as many people as possible could pass the 2012 LAW GAT Test.

Answer Keys LAW-GAT Test Held on July 3rd 2022

In accordance with the previous timetable for the Law Gat exam, the Test of the answer key is due in a week, and the results will be made available on the website of the HEC after a month has passed. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan administers the GAT Law Test three times every year. After receiving the LLB degree, you need to sit for the LSAT or the Law Graduate Admissions Test. In order to take the law graduate exam, you will need to get a score that is at least equal to fifty percent. The legislation regarding the GAT only allows applicants a maximum of three opportunities to take the exam.

ETC HEC LAW GAT Test Result 2022 Online

Candidates are advised to be aware that the official result of the HEC Law GAT for 2022 posted on this website and may be seen online from this location. A Law Graduate Assessment Test recently organized by Higher Education Commission HEC Pakistan for those who interested in enrolling in post-graduate programs as well as individuals who interested in beginning their careers by becoming an Advocate with Bar Council.

etc.hec.gov.pk  LAT GAT Result 2022 ETC

As in the past, ETC will give you the answer key to the written exam around one week after the test has completed. Candidates will soon able to estimate their score from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the release of the HEC Law GAT answer key, which will released on this website in the near future. Following our conversation with authorities, they informed us that the ETC GAT 2022 solution key would soon uploaded to this website in PDF format. This will allow candidates to simply store the answer key to their personal computers and mobile devices.

How to Check HEC Result of Law GAT ETC 2022?

•       Visit official page of ETC HEC Pakistan

•       Enter the number found on your CNIC or ticket.

•       Provide password

•       The outcome will be shown on your screen.

•       Click This Link to Download and Print the Result Card.

HEC Law Gat Test Result 2022 VIA CNIC

If you have trouble finding the Law Graduate Assessment Test GAT Test Result 2022, you can talk about it in the comment box.

HEC LAW GAT Entry Test Result 2022 PDF Download

On the HEC LAW GAT admission exam for 2022, there were a total of one hundred practice questions. Candidates were provided with question books that had five different colors. There was not a single question that was different. However, the sequence in which they presented was incorrect. The answer keys for the 2022 LAW GAT have been provided. Those individuals who have selected to take the LAW GAT admission exam on July 3, 2022, should pay close attention to the results of the HEC LAT GAT.

HEC Law Graduate Assessment Test Result & Answer Key 2022

If you interested in practicing law in Pakistan, you will need to take something called the GAT exam. The GAT exam assisted in its administration by NTS, a testing service. However, the Educational Testing Council Pakistan is in charge of it at this point. The HEC administers the GAT on a quarterly basis in order to provide licenses to law school graduates. GAT used by PBC and HEC in order to monitor the manner in which legislation carried out. Every student has three opportunities throughout the course of a year to take the GRE.

HEC Contact info & Address

Phone Number(051) 9040 0000
Email[email protected]
AddressHead Office, Sector H-9, East Service Road, Islamabad
Official Website:www.hec.gov.pk

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